Hey, I’m Philipe Fatio

I’m a Swiss-Brazilian developer living in Zurich and working at ElectricFeel. I’m passionate about building user-friendly software that is both well designed and useful, making people’s lives easier. You can find me on Twitter and GitHub. Feel free to email me.

I have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in robotics, systems and control from ETH Zurich with a focus on machine learning and data science. Ever since I’ve finished high school I’ve been building things.

In 2008 I joined GetYourGuide as their first hire, mainly doing front end development and design, but also helping shape the direction of the core product.

I co-founded LocalUncle in 2011, a location-based Q&A iPhone app. I was responsible for everything technical and design related. After some initial successes, we saw ourselves forced to stop the service.

After that, I helped revolutionize web publishing at Livingdocs and built a fully mobile e-commerce solution called Kickshops with a good friend of mine.

In 2014 I started working at ElectricFeel as a developer and data scientist where I help build software for sustainable shared mobility systems such as bike and car sharing.

I regularly contribute to and release open source software projects on GitHub. Every now and then I also build websites such as this one and this one. Sometimes I publish articles here, mostly about tech stuff that I use.